My name’s Max, I am a professional Sound Designer and Composer.

13 years ago I started making my own music and playing in bands, and now I write soundtracks for video games, animation series, commercials etc., and create sound effects for them, work with voice actors and singers. Now it has become my favorite job and my main occupation.

I play electric, acoustic and bass guitar, drums and keys, a fact which makes me a much better musician, and my music skills help me in doing better sound design. You can find almost everything from 8-bit to Epic Orchestral in my portfolio, any video game genre from casual Idle Clickers to First Person Shooters.

My passion is all about breathing life into projects, making them as immersive and exciting as possible. Audio is a powerful addition to visuals, every single sound effect should be unique and believable, that’s why I make my own recordings for a large part of sounds specially for ongoing projects.

Thanks to my flexible pricing system, I have clients all over the world, from solo indie developers to huge industrial companies, so feel free to contact me no matter what your budget is, we’ll figure something out 😉